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Some thoughts on independent eyes

December 30, 2016


UPDATE: more valuable feedback has been received, helping further with the story. In some recent reviews I have let rip on the need for and value of having extra eyes reviewing your work. And I have a short example of how beneficial that can be. Very recently I dashed off a short story for a […]

100 years of Allen & Unwin: 1914 – 2014

August 4, 2014


The venerable publisher, Allen & Unwin, has just turned 100 years old! And they are sharing the birthday goodies by offering up a competition for residents of Australia and New Zealand to win 100 books from their backlist! Better get over there fast to sign up!    

OPINION: When is theft, theft? And what to do about it?

April 6, 2014


The Internet is a wonderful thing. I have friends and contacts all over the world courtesy of the Net. But it also has the downside of becoming another avenue for illegal, unethical and immoral behaviours among other things. I recently learned of the website which provides links to all sorts of things including links […]

OPINION: How false reviews are a baaaaad thing

June 6, 2013


In many respects, reviewing is the life blood of generating sales of books. A good review by a noted reviewer can boost sales. Similarly a bad review by the same can damage sales. With the advent of the Internet and e-books, the reviewing function has dispersed much more widely than before. For example, anyone can […]

Autographed copies – an update

September 24, 2012


UPDATE – if you are outside Australia, contact me at ross [@] to work out postage costs. And now here it is – my novella, It Hides In Darkness, published by Creative Print Publishing in the UK, is being launched internationally on October 8. Would you like to be in the draw for a […]

Diary of a novella – Chapter 1

September 21, 2012


Over the last couple of months I have found myself on a more-than interesting little journey. So far I have learned all sorts of things that I had not thought of or not given sufficient thought to. And so here go – the first of a string of posts that shall be documenting what it […]